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      Beijing Tour: Haidian Dongcheng Tongzhou Zone

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Haidian Peking

>> Summer Palace tourist area
Synopsis: Is located the west northern suburbs of Beijing (Haidian District newly built palace method), originally is Qing Dynasty's imperial garden and the temporary palace. In the garden is mainly composed by Wanshou mountain and Kunming Lake, the occupying a land area of 290.8 hectares, water surface approximately composes 3/4. The Summer Palace becomes the well-known the world imperial botanical garden by its beautiful lake and mountain scenery, elegant botanical garden art, the fine historical relics.

>> Vultures peaks forest park
Synopsis: Is located Haidian District within the boundaries of Beian River, is apart from the Summer Palace 18 kilometers. On the mountain range two mountain peaks seem the vulture bird which flutters wants to fly, therefore calls the vulture peak. It attract multitudinous tourist not only by winds winding, the around a mountain ancient road to go directly to the winding and the strange wonderful beautiful scenery, moreover it is well-known by the natural scenery which constitutes by that rich plant resources.
Transportation routes: From the Summer Palace to north An River township the north mouth by 346 group bus, heads west 800 meters. Goes by train to be possible from Shijing Hill, the apple orchard subway place to ride the Beijing suburbs traveling train directly.

>> Black bamboo courtyards park
Synopsis: Is located Haidian District white stone bridge, Makes the scenery by the bamboo the scenery botanical garden, in the park has each kind of bamboo more than 100 varieties, nearly million. The park beginning constructs at the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong bestows named "Black bamboo zen temple", The black bamboo courtyard from this acquires fame.
Transportation routes: While 114, 300, 323, 334, 374 branch, 374, 811, 814, 817 groups black bamboo courtyards to get off, 334, 347, 360, sub-360 three tigers bridges or white stone bridge connection Nankou to get off, 320, 904 group Beijing Library alights travels southward.

>> Old Summer Palace tourist area
Synopsis: Was located in Beijing's northeast part (Haidian District Qinghua west road), the beginning constructs in the Kanghsi 48 years (in 1709), is king imperial garden which the Qing Dynasty prosperous time constructed, It was composed by Yuanming, Changchun, Qichun three gardens, occupying a land area of 350 hectares. It is the art masterpiece of construction and the botanical garden of our country, gain the reputation of "Gardens of the ten thousand gardens".
Transportation routes: 331, 333, 365, 375 branch, 801, 810 Summer Palace special line Old Summer Palace alights.

>> Fenghuang scenic spot
Synopsis: Is located within the boundaries of the Haidian District Xishan farm, area 973 hectares. It is famous by the wonderful mountain, the waterfall spring and the religious humanities historical site, the forest coverage fraction reaches 90 percent, the pure degree of the air is five times of the center city. The natural humanities landscape has Lier harbour, nine female terrain, the drop aquiferous rock and Huang Pu courtyard, the lucky victory temple, the wonderful sense imperial sacrifices temple, on the cloud temple and so on.
Transportation routes: While 346 groups end points. Drives from the Summer Palace along the cheek positive road, walks along the canal, has the guidepost through the road.

>> Xiangshan park tourist area
Synopsis: Is located the Haidian District east Xishan foothill, is apart from the urban district more than 20 kilometers. In the garden the high point incense burner peak elevation 557 meters, each kind of trees 260,000, the old tree famous wood reaches more than 5,800, approximately composes the 1/4 of Beijing city. Because the park scenery is pleasant in four seasons, the autumn red leaves festival is extremely famous, therefore becomes the good destination which the person from Beijing mountaineering fitness.
Transportation routes: 318, 333, 360, 904 group Xiangshan to get off. Drives from the purple bamboo bridge to the west bound four ring circuits to the north along the guidepost instructed then arrives.

>> Balcony mountain breeze scenic area
Synopsis: Is located Haidian District within the boundaries of the Bein River township, the forest cover, the forest coverage fraction reaches 94 percent. The apricot tree and famous wood are accounts for 51 percent, Take the ancient fragrant road as the center, two sides shade block out the sun, fruit tree full garden.
Transportation routes: Alights while 346 roads to the beian river Beikou namely to get off. Ride the vehicle from the Summer Palace along the cheek positive road after the hot spring, then goes the about 2 kilometers namely to reach it .

>> Jade deep pool pool park
Synopsis: Is located Haidian District west three links, It is a park which unifies by a natural scenery and the artificial sculpture. Entire garden area is altogether 20.55 million square meters. The park northwest corner constructs the prunus pseudocerasus garden, the occupying a land area of 250,000 square meters, is one of the biggest oriental cherry specialized gardens of North China area, conducts oriental cherry festival in the season of early spring attract large quantities of tourists to watch.
Transportation routes: 1, 4, 21, 33, 65, 308, 337, the subway military museum alights north bound, or 320, 114, especially 5, under Summer Palace special line jade deep pool deep pool; 323 groups 81 lakes alight.

>> Hundred looks the mountain forest park
Synopsis: Is located north the Summer Palace 3 kilometers place (Haidian District Heishan retinue north mouth), the native named the looks the son mountain, is the forest park apart from the urban district recently. Hundred looks the mountain occupying a land area of more than 160 hectares, the tree, the bush interlocks, the air is especially fresh, does not have the artificial pollution.
Transportation routes: Alights while 330 group Heishan retinue road north mouth to get off. From the west passenger station while especially 6 groups to alight in hundred looks the mountain. Drives may from the Summer Palace along the cheek positive road north bound to the Heishan retinue north mouth to get off.

>> Lies the Buddhist temple - cherry ditch
Synopsis: Is located the Haidian District long-lived peaceful piedmont, adjoins with Xiangshan mountain. Lies Buddhist temple acquire fame by reclining buddha statuary in the temple, is apart from now to have more than 1,300 years. From the Lies Buddhist temple walk through the northwest bound approximately 500 meters is the cherry ditch. This is an outside extend the external is narrow lonesome and quiet canyon, two sides are the excellent steep mountain ranges, winds mountain stream clear enough to see bottom.
Transportation routes: While 318, 360, 333, 904 groups botanical gardens or lies the Buddhist temple station to alight. Drives may to lie Buddhist temple from the Summer Palace along the fragrant cheek road.

>> Xishan forest park
Synopsis: The Beijing biggest country forest park -- Xishan country forest park is located Beijing western suburbs small Xishan, is apart from the city only 20 kilometers, south from Shijing Hill area pattern mouth, north to Haidian District hot spring township, east from the warm cheek road, west to armed forces village, Yongding river valley; Cross Haidian, Shijing Hill, Men-Tou vallely three areas; Has Changhua, Baiwang, the JIngfu, Lingyun, the Beiling five big scenic areas, the total area amounts to 90,000 Chinese acres. Wooded area 80,000 Chinese acres, release the oxygen 178,000 tons every year. Here zoology and botany resources rich, the natural humanities landscape is multitudinous, not only has "Xishan red leaves" "Xishan clear snow" and so on famous natural landscape; Also has Ming dynasty JingTailing, Wanli emperor seven imperial concubines graves, historical vestige and the celebrity stele carving, the revolutionary ruins commemoration and so on all, white flag village and watchtower and so on.
Transportation routes: While 360, 318 groups south sandbanks alight.

>> Xishan big sense temple
Synopsis: Is located Haidian District Beian River, is apart from now to have the near millennium the history. The temple sits west faces to south, construct according to mountain. From the east to the west is composed by the entrance, the tablet pavilion, the clock drumtower, the Son of Heaven palace, the grand valued palace, immeasurable long-lived Buddhist temple hall, the greatly sad world.
Transportation routes: Alights while 346 group Zhou Jiaxiang. Drives from the Summer Palace along the cheek positive road to the hot spring street intersection turn left to get to.

Dongcheng Peking

>> Tiananmen Square
Synopsis: Is located the center of Beijing urban district, the north and south length 880 meters, the north and west width 500 meters, the area 440,000 square meters, is now the world biggest square. The rostrum of Tian An Men is situated in square north most part, the Five-Starred Red Flag high flutters in the square sky. The Monument to the People's Heroes stands erect in the square central committee. The Great Hall of the People and the Museum of the Chinese Revolution, the China history museum faces each other across a great distance in the square thing two sides. The Chairman Mao memorial hall and the hengyan gate tower stand erect in the square south. Every day has the tens of thousands of people to visit, the tour and the photography to here accepts as a memento. Tiananmen Square in National Day, has decorated by the tens of thousands of troughs colorful fresh flower and the eruptive fountain, is the square most beautiful time of year.
Transportation routes: 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 20, 52, 57, 55, 54, 120, 802, especially 1 group Zhongshan Park or the Tiananmen station alights, the subway, 9, 17, 44, 48, 53, 59, 66, 110, 307, 803, 808, 819, 922, especially 7 or 4, the unity lake special line front door alights.

>> Imperial Palace museum
Synopsis: It is Ming, the Qing two dynasties imperial palace, common name Imperial Palace, also calls Forbidden City, presently named Palace Museum. Some 24 emperors rule the nation successively in here. The area is 720,000 square meters. Imperial Palace has the tall wall to surround, outside the city also has the width 52 meters moats (other name pony roll river). Inside the stands tall and erect palace wall, has various types royal palace 8,704, the floor space is 155,000 square meters. The four directions of city all have the big city gate tower. South side the main entrance calls Wu gate, northern side called Shenwu gate, east side calledDonghua gate, the west side called the Xihua gate. The four corner of city have a beautiful watchtower respectively. Entire architectural complex according to axle wire symmetrical layout, each level clearly demarcated, the main body is prominent, according to its layout may divide the dynasty, imperial palace two big partials.The outer court take the Taihe, Zhonghe, Baohe three main halls as the center, Wen Hua and Wuyin palace is two wings, is the place which emperor holds each kind of ceremony and is engaged in the political activity. The interior extent take Qianqing palace, junction Qin palace, the empress' palace as a main body, has the spiritual cultivation palace, the Emperor's garden in addition, outside the east road and outside the west road and so on, is emperor handles the daily government affairs and the housing place. Outer court building grand magnificent sight,with overpowering momentum; The imperial palace construction is resplendently in gold and jade green, the layout is rigorous.
Transportation routes: 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 20, 52, 57, 22, 54, 120, 802, especially 1 group Zhongshan Park or the Tiananmen station alights, the subway, 9, 17, 44, 48, 53, 59, 66, 110, 307, 803, 808, 819, 922, especially 7 or 4, the unity lake special line front door alights or 101, 103, 103 quickly, 109, 812, 814 group Imperial Palace alights.

>> Zhongshan Park
Synopsis: Is located west of Tiananmen, originally is Ming, Qing two dynastiesí» the god of the land and the god of grain, is Ming and Qing Dynasties emperor offers a sacrifice to the land and the grain god of place, constructed in the Ming Yunglo 19 years (in 1421). Because in 1925 Mr. Sunzhongshan coffin containing a corpse once parked in the garden does obeisance in the palace, in 1928 named as the Zhongshan Park. The entire garden area is 240,000 square meters. The construction mainly has the altar to the god of the land and the god of grain, does obeisance the palace, the house of a high official or wealthy family, the security peaceful work place, the waterside pavilion, the Orchid Pavilion tablet pavilion, the hothouse flower shipyard, the custom ritual pavilion, four suitable porches, welcomes the sunshine pavilion, the flowered porch, butchers the domestic animal pavilion, the maxim pavilion, throws the pot pavilion, the pine and cypress hands over the green jade pavilion, comes the new friends porch, music hall, the ever green garden, the cheerful garden and the Hui fragrant garden, the child athletic field and so on.
Transportation routes: 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 20, 52, 57, 22, 54, 120, 802, especially 1 group Zhongshan Park or the Tiananmen station alights, the subway, 9, 17, 44, 48, 53, 59, 66, 110, 307, 803, 808, 819, 922, especially 4, especially 7, the unity lake special line front door alights. the Consults.

>> The work force Culture Palace
Synopsis: Is located east side of Tiananmen, once was Ming, Qing two generation imperial families ancestral temple, old name is imperial ancestral temple. Is the place of feudal dynasty imperial family consecrates the ancestor memorial tablet, the lunar new year's season grand ceremony sacrificial offering ancestors', is one of extant most complete Ming Dynasty architectural complexes. The imperial ancestral temple assumes the north and south direction the rectangle, total floor space is 139,650 square meters. The entire architectural composition quite has the ingenuity, three colored glazes bricks gate, three main halls, house of a high official or wealthy family, stone bridge north and south arrangement on spool thread. In addition seals up the fence, the thick copal, have formed the dignified solemn and respectful atmosphere. Towers in the entire architectural complex center are three grand palaces. The double-eaved roof traditional Chinese-style roof with four surfaces sloping away from ridgepole goes against the main hall, is the center of this group of architectural complex. Presently is the center of educates training, the cultural entertainment and technical and the talented person exchange activity for the capital staff.
Transportation routes: 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 20, 52, 57, 22, 54, 120, 802, especially 1 group Zhongshan Park or the Tiananmen station alights, the subway, 9, 17, 44, 48, 53, 59, 66, 110, 307, 803, 808, 819, 922, especially 7 or 4, the unity lake special line front door alights.

>> Willow tree shade park
Synopsis: Willow tree shade park occupying a land area of 190,000 square meters, water surface 7.33 square meters. The park has two characteristics: first, the variety of willow tree is many, the quantity is big, altogether has thousand of varieties willow trees ; The second is the park has the beautiful rural scenery, the middle of park has keeps the spring island, on the island constructs Willow tree shade pavilion, the bund also has the love lotus pavilion, the moon reflection in the water porch, the lake stones rockery, the pavilion porch wharf. In the garden also constructs the spring, the summer, the fall, the winter four scenery garden.
Transportation routes: 18, 104, 104 quick, 108, 113, 119, 201, 328, 358, 407, 803, especially2 group Jiang Zhaikou alights.

>> Earth alter park
Synopsis: Is the park take the alter, the temple, the botanical garden as the characteristic , it is the Ming and Qing Dynasties two generation of kings sacrificial offerings emperor god place, is second big temple alter only inferior in Temple of Heaven's , the area is 42.7 hectares. The earth alter divided into the internal alter and the external alter, surrounds by the twofold alter wall. the construction all concentrates the internal alter. Have FanfZe alter (offerings platform), the emperor room, the god warehouse, the butchers animal pavilion, the Zhai palace , the god horse stable, the bell tower and so on 7 groups of buildings. Every Spring Festival holds the cultural temple fair, attraction large quantities of residents goes to watch.
Transportation routes: 2, 18, 104, 104 quick, 108, 113, 119, 407, 803 groups earth temple alights.

>> Dongdan park
Synopsis: Is located Dongcheng district Dahua road, The Dongdan park area is 47,500 square meters, north are became the mud mountain by the mud which gain by deeping the air-raid shelter, on the mountain the trees cover is flourishing and luxuriant, constructs a hexagonal double-eaved roof glazed tile pavilion. The south constructs the basin, the waterside pavilion and the child play-ground, the east has the rockery, the square, west has the veranda, the cave.
Transportation routes: The subway, 3, 8, 9, 39, 39 branch, 41, 41 branch, 43, 44 big, 44 small, 48, 54, 60, 63, 103, 103 quick, 104, 104 quick, 106, 108, 110, 111, 116, 807, 808, 812, 813, especially 2, unity lake special line Chongwenmen alights .

>> Youth lake park
Synopsis: It located Outside Dongcheng district stability gate avenue, The youth lake park pre-liberation originally is a piece of product water hole, in 1958 mobilized the entire area youth to carry on the voluntary labor by the Dongcheng district government, Youth Corps Committee , excavated the lake in the pits and depressions, and afforestation in shore, therefore called "The youth lake park". South the park has the playground, west has the sculpture garden, the east has the recreational palace, the north has the suitable garden scenic area.
Transportation routes: 104, 108, 18 groups earth alter alight.

Tongzhou Peking

>> Burns the lamp Buddha stupa
Synopsis: Is located northmost part the Tongzhou area canal West bank, is the symbol of Tongzhou. Tower altogether have 8 angles 13 floors, the high is approximately 49 meters, the tower base to assume the lotus flower shape, in the tower original have the burns the lamp Buddha statue. Burns the lighthouse is one of eight scenery in Tongzhou, has the extremely high artistic value.
Transportation routes: While 928, 930, 938, 312, 322, 342 group Tongzhou New China avenue alights, drives may walk Beijing to Tong atate expressway to go directly to.

>> West sea park
Synopsis: Is located the Tongzhou area the west of burn the lamp Buddha stupa lean, the area is 201 Chinese acres, water surface is nearly 80 Chinese acres. In the park constructs color paintings corridors which long reaches 98 meters. Northern side has the rockery which use the old city wall to construct, under the rockery has the grave of the outstanding gentleman and renowned thinker in Ming Dynasty.
Transportation routes: 928, 930, 938, 312, 322, 342 groups buses Tong county New China avenue alights, drives may walk Beijing to Tong atate expressway to go directly to.

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