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Beijing was the millennium ancient capital, the successive previous each skilled craftsman of all dynasties from each place to converge, to cause the handicraft centralism of Beijing to manifest the Chinese people craft essence. In the Beijing shopping, the first to buy is rich in the Eastern characteristic and the rich in the tasty of "Beijing" style craft object d'art and all previous dynasties cultural relic.
In the Beijing shopping may consider: The closionne, the ivory carving, the jade carving, the vulture paint as well as the inscription on stone tablet which are called the Beijing craft object d'art "Four big actresses" and bronze seal cutting, the writing-set, the antique calligraphy and painting, the silk embroidery, the jewelry green jade drills and so on, the human who is partial to the folk handicrafts, may buy some Beijing¡¯s Noodle person, clay figurine, silk person, styles of makeup, kite, paper-cut. Beijing's typical food is each kind of dry fruit, the candied and preserved fruit and the Beijing style dessert, the Chinese native medicine food supplement also unusual orthodox. In addition, may find many worlds name brands commodity in Beijing's large-scale shopping center.

>> The Beijing main shopping region
Beijing business district general business hour is 8: 30-21: 30, meets the significant holiday or the shop celebrates time can be lengthened. Many big markets and the traveling fixed point store which are decided as by the Beijing travel agency the shopping place all to have the foreign exchange place, ATM machine or may accept the credit card.
Beijing also has many the good destination for fashions shopping, like the Xiushui street, the woman street and so on, are the first choice to purchases the fashionable clothing, the hand package, the popular decorations, goes shopping in these places also may chop the price.
Recommends you in Beijing's each greatly chain-like supermarket purchase traveling food and the daily thing, the goods are many, the price is justice.

>> Beijing's shopping four big business districts
Wangfujing avenue, the front door, Xidan and Dongdan are the Beijing tradition four big business districts, but recently rose outside Jian'guo Gate avenue and Chaowai avenue business district to have the modern breath.
The Wangfujing avenue is located east Chang'an Street, had more than hundred years histories, on the insufficient kilometer long avenue the store is crowded, first is the famous general merchandise building always is outstanding representative of Beijing commercial. Not far from it the world all general merchandise splendid, have 18,000 square meters business area and richest famous brand. The old lucky master take the Paris character and style as the characteristic, locates in the fashion, the tidal current and the brand. Has hundred years historical Dong An market, now has become super commercial building which the national capital is second to none, has 100,000 square meters business area, nearly 200,000 kind of commodities. Another miracle in the Beijing history of architecture, the Eastern square has also completed stands erect in the south of Wangfujing.
The front door avenue are Beijing's business center 500 years ago, the old shop, the small shop are many, more residents love by the Beijing. Heads west not far from Tiananmen is Xidan, is called the second Wangfujing, has the shopping center, food market, the clothing market, the commodity is complete.
Dongsi in the northeast side of Wangfujing avenue, developed from the old times prosperous luck temple fair, famous prosperous lucky snack bar is in here.
The silver street is located north Dongdan avenue, many worlds famous brands commodity exclusive agency concentrates in this.

>> Official garden wholesale market: Official garden seventh, this is the place for many people to find the valuable.

>> Good skill fashion square: opposite to Kunlun Mountains hotel, nearby Yansha market. Some several roads all are the upscale import (shop are such say), suspenders 860RMB,Should also be the populace expended, but business resembled the fortunately.

>> Ritan commerce building: Ritan commerce building in Ritan park south gate toward east 200 meters. The commercial side building and 2 the 4th floor, It is cheap compared others. The shop has the characteristic is quite many, but the price is more expensive than other places, caught up with the big market quickly. Additional, the transportation is not convenient, did not know how sits the public transportation to go. The overall mentions, felt the side building quite is easy to pull out the thing. Also is cheap, because goes the human are few. The side building is in the alley nearby the host building, has not any place to stop the car ,but can consider to stop in International club.

>> Xidan Huaweu 7th floor: The cruelest clothing all can find in there, looked at your fierce look.

>> Zhongliang square: Have a shop calls "new romantic", But is also more expensive than the market. There also has a shoe store, the main shop is in Shanghai. The shoe is all attractive, is inexpensive. Therefore, this shop now always equally is crowded like the rural fair. Once, I also saw Man Jiang buys the shoes in there, sufficient exaggerate. The hot blast also has in the Fenglian square.

>> Elegant valuable road clothing market: Elegant valuable road Xiuse clothing market nearby labor body.

>> Three miles store Tongli: It is suitable to find some little things by individual feeling, All the thing has the national characteristic very much. from the north street of three miles to walk continuously to the north, probably to the first intersection, can see the big route indicator, then counterclockwise, again turns right, an ash chirp general three, four small building.

>> Five road junctions: Cannot ask an outrageous price moreover the thing to be also good. The human does not like things from Karen or Japanese did not go to here. Certainly, has this hobby MM is may go to have a look, nearby five road junctions movie theaters. If toward the west have passed the axle station, south road several stores are good. Moreover five road junctions have a comprehensive market also to have a clothing market The clothing market is quite good, nearby northern Science and Technology Institute of China main entrance. Should be the main entrance. But actually now at five road junctions, under the Hua Qingjia garden newly opened several good shops, which has the characteristic to sell the little thing, such as slightly matches shop, but also very good. About the price, least also speaks of 1/3 which the merchant asks a price.

>> Xiu water 2: Xiu water 2 behind international club, international post and telecommunications office, nearby island coffee. comes up from the northeast mouth of the Jian'guo Gate subway, walks toward the east, can see Beijing international club, counterclockwise in this street intersection, continues to walk, crossed the club, toward left makes an effort to look, the vision requests the new standard about 5.0, can see to on island coffee, Xiu water 2, the two shop are nearly. Other places of Sun alter are in neighbor. Large quantities of embassies in here, are actually quiet. The old Xiu's water has not been to , now there all already changed to the world of people from Zhejiang and An¡¯hui. Only the foreigner also goes to the bosom to remember past times! The original old person has the extension was the sub-landlord to receive the land rent; Some shifts to 2 or commerce; Some gained suffices to cease. Very many is truly big sign dd but the price is not very low, some dd even also must be more expensive than the market, also is very difficult to bargain, basically all directly can say is the actual price! However, there many dd very really are beautiful than market, if must participate in any activity especially, goes to there to buy dd is very good, again is there is very many yy which has the characteristic like India very much and so on! Moreover also the Xiu water 2 stops quite is also convenient, everybody is stops in the roadside also nobody tube.

>> Sub- elegant shop: Northern side of foreign economics and trade university, nearby atheneum, as soon as slides the shop not to be big, but the shop owner resembles the service to buyer of work. Enters the clothes all unique flavor, the office worker can put on, the leisure class, the price is not high. also has nearby the Houhai Yandai diagonal street - silver ingot bridge the alley to have very many shops,Also has the handicraft and the point plate.

>> Outside Jian'guo Gate the avenue
It is rich in the international color the outside Jian'guo Gate avenue to have the famous Friendship Store, opposite is enjoys the high reputation the match special shopping center in the national capital, from this travels to the East not far, is the Guiyou building, tightens near the building then is the Xiu Shui street and the elegant valuable market which the overseas public figure likes patronizing specially. Again to travels to the East is the luxurious international trade center market, sells commodity comes from the world each place. Moreover, this area has also concentrated the star class hotel, the senior office, also is the embassy area and the guest house locus, the environment neat graceful, chines and the western-style food, the fast-food, the cosmetology styles hair, the bank post office, the commercial service and so on all is very developed.
The Chaowai avenue is the business district which the recent years prosperously got up, has gathered the Fenglian square, Huapu commercial building, the blue island building, west the blue island the area commercial city and so on the large-scale market, Hiran cloud day shopping commercial city and so on. The commercial city of blue sea and cloud sky is monopoly sale the thing for living at home, had the characteristic very much.

>> Shopping center and traveling fixed point store shopping center is broad in scale
commodity is rich, the environment is comfortable, from the domestic product to the import cosmetics, the daily necessities, the clothing, the electric appliance to the food supermarket, the cargo has it all, but also has the dining room, the caf¨¦ room. The shopping center spreads the different region, around the general each shopping center all forms a business district, is extremely lively. Famous Yansha friendship commercial city, the better shopping commercial city, contemporary commercial city and so on, all is the destination which the person from Beijing most likes. The traveling fixed point store is assigns by the Beijing travel agency, opens specially for the overseas tourist. Including the Friendship Store and the Beijing dozens of handicrafts stores, each kind of craft object d'art, the cultural relic and the Beijing special product all have the sale, and has replaces mails, consigns for shipment and so on the service project.

>> The old shop
The old shop is best quality goods which in the Beijing several hundred years trade and the handicraft industry competition stays behind. All respectively experienced the arduous struggle to send the family history finally to command a line. Its brand also is the quality synonym which the people recognizes. The modern economy development, causes the old shop to appear somewhat loses, but it still established a new shop by own characteristic. In these known far and wide old-established shops, has the Ming Dynasty intermediate stage to start doing business, bave the six must room which be well-known by manufactures the delicacy pickled vegetables, has begins in the Qing Dynasty Kangxi Dynasty to provide the Chinese medicine secret recipe Peru medicine the Tongren Temple, have the Ruifuxiang silk cloth shop which got up in 1870 to meet the need of the national capital highly placed people clothing be fastidious, these old shops were a part of Beijing glorious history, in here you experienced is the tradition, the experience is the service hundred year invariable.

>> The glossy stone factory business street
It is located outside the Beijing peace gate, forms in Qing Dynasty Qianlong year 200 year ago. Goes to the capital bearing children which takes the civil service exam to fail in a competitive examination, brings the books, the ink stone and so on to sell before direct step toward homed; Around The Qing Dynasty perishes, defeated family's aristocrat descendants also to bring family's collection to sells to exchange the need of life. Gradually, the market has formed, and finally became a center of purchasing and business the traditional culture work.
In glossy stone factory the most famous store is "Rong Bao study". This cultural store starts doing business in the Qing Dynasty first year monopoly sale ancient and modern famous expert's calligraphy and painting authentic work. Eliminates in addition, it also has one kind to be called the xylography the duplication craft, this kind of craft duplicates the ancient times celebrated work confused falsehood with the truth sufficiently.
The destination to purchases the ancient books is the Chinese bookstore of the glossy stone factory, here monopolizes all previous dynasties block-printed book, the transcript. The glossy stone factory 's ancient civilization store altogether has 100. Besides calligraphy and painting ancient book, but also has the rubbing from a stone inscription, the stone for lithographing, the ink stone, the writing brush and each kind of antique, the handicraft.

>> The Beijing antique city and the Pan homeland ancient market
Beijing antique city is the national biggest antique and the folk artware transaction center, each kind of operator, calligraphy and painting, ancient rug, clock and watch more than 250 bosses and so on does not lack the antique collector and the connoisseur. Not only is the shopping good place also is appreciates the artware the museum. By Beijing cultural relic bureau authorization 6 managements folks ancient goods transaction market, also has attracted large quantities of overseas public figure. Compared with has the big scale is the Pan homeland ancient market, wanders about in here between the richly colorful folk ancient goods, bargains back and forth, Schary pans for gold, some pleasure.

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