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      The general situation of Beijing

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Beijing is the capital of PRC, which is the center of National politics, culture, transport, tourism and international exchanges. Located on north latitude 3956', east 11620'. Embrace Taihang in west, depend on Yanshan Mountain in north, close to Bohai in east, and face to Beida plain in south, it is the hinge of connecting with northeast, northwest and Zhongyuan in our China, and build the pose as "Bay", therefore, the name of "Beijing bay" has a long history. The whole city makes up of 11 zones and 7 counties. It is the first of China's four municipalities.
700 thousand years ago, Beijing people multiplied here, and then extended to Yan of Ji city, then from Yan of Jichen to Tang of Youzhou, and move Yuan of Dadu to Mingqing of Emperor city again. The modern Beijing has experienced about ten generation of operation, which had numerous illustrious Emperor City's sight and rich handsome cultural background, the world's largest imperial Palace and our Chinese largest temple of heaven, which is rarely seen in the Summer Palace of Royal garden, Great Wall, one of the world's eight major miracle, the largest tomb group -thirteen mausoleum and Homo erectus of Zhoukou store site had been listed by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.
Besides, the religion buildings are also very famous in Beijing; a pair of Lord Kiss on the obverse hall of Tanzhe temple is the best and biggest in the ancient architectures, the Niujie church temple is mosque which is the longest history in Beijing area, Yonghe Palace is a biggest Buddhism temple in Beijing area, Dajue temple is "Xishan 300 Temple huge brakes", Baiyun Guan is ever Gong Guan of Taoism Quanzhen group, Jietai temple had Liao architectural style, Hongluo temple is "Jingbei first temple" ...Of course, also there is extraordinary momentum of the Tiananmen Square, the Royal Garden in the North Sea, the beautiful scenery of the Xiangshan Park, the lush Zizhuyuan, elegant environment of hydrocarbons, etc. they are not religious buildings, but is the Pekinese fascination.
To Beijing, what you see and feel is not only the ancient empire's majestic solemnity, heavy life, but also the modern city's trendy downtown, high-speed convenient. And the strong modern breath is blowing on your face when set foot in Beijing, with the 29th Olympic Games in 2008, Beijing will once again demonstrate her enchanting charisma in front of the whole world.

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