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Beijing, it had over 3000 years of recorded history and a long history of city. Early 700 ~ 500 thousand years ago, here is the birthplace of our ancestors, "Beijing Man" multiplied generation by generation in Zhoukoudian which located in the southwest of Beijing.
In 586 BC, Feudal State in Zhou Dynasty - Yan country, found a capital, called "Ji", hence, the name of "Yanjing" went round today. After the third century BC, this place was an important military town in Qin, Han, Sui and Tang Dynasty. Early ten century BC, the Qidan nation in the northeast of our country built Liao Dynasty, would be as the capital, named Nanjing.
In 1125, the nuzhen nation appeared, destroyed Liao and built Jin Dynasty, named Zhongdu, they went in for building in a large scale, have set up 36 luxury palaces. Zhongdu city was located in the area of today's Guananmen, but destroyed by the fire in 1215. In this year, the Mongolia nation in the east of our country offered arms from south to north, early or late, they destroyed the Jin Dynasty and Hanzhou's Nansong Dynasty, and then consolidate China. In 1267, Yuan Dynasty rebuilt the city as the center of the Daning palace in Jin Dynasty, renamed as Dadu, which is the predecessor of today's old city. In 1368, Zhuyuanzhang led the farmers to pull down Yuan Dynasty, set up Ming Dynasty, the capital placed in Nanjing, Beiping instead of Dadu. In 1403, Zhuyuanzhang won the Throne, move the capital to Beiping, renamed for Beijing, the name started to be used. In 1420, they have built Forbidden City for 15 years, and moved to Beijing formally in 1421. in 1644, the arms of Qing came, destroyed Ming Dynasty, place the capital in Beijing. Each Dynasty which built capital here had over 800 years of history in all.
In 1911, after Xinhai Revolution, Chinese nation placed in Nanjing, moved to Beijing in Minguo year till the Beiyang government fell in Minguo sixteen years. The system of Beijing (Qing system) and the name (Shuntian government) are not changed. Until Minguo three years, Jingzhao region instead of Shuntian government, it is directly under the jurisdiction of Beiyang government. After northern expedition battle, the capital of China moved to Nanjing, called Beiping special city, at the same time, withdraw Jingzhao region. In June 1930, it was demoted to Hebei cities, and in the same year of December, was upgraded to municipality Minute again. In 1937, after seven, seven event, Japan occupied Beiping, established puppet regime "Provisional government of the Republic of China", and called Beijing. On August 21, 1945, the eleventh war zone, the department of Sunlian reoccupied Beijing, and called Beiping again. On January 31, 1949, Beiping unbind peacefully. On the same of September 27, the first plenary session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference adopted the "the resolution of State of the People's Republic of China, Calendar, National song and Flag", re-renamed Beijing.
On October 1, 1949, it built People's Republic of China; Beijing became the renascent republican capital, opened a new chapter in the history of ancient city. As the capital of China, today's Beijing and the Generations Empire is the epitome of China's history and current situation. Beijing is old, but it is also an ancient city full of beautiful youth, Beijing presented to the world with the Wonderful and Beautiful, fresh and modern attitude.

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