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Beijing is as the ancient capital, has been through repeatedly vicissitude, this does not lack the fire the baptism, changes from one dynasty to another, Influence by abandoning the old nd constructing the new house. Now, the Beijing honorable steps face the internationalization metropolis direction to make great strides forward. Actually does this more than 850 years accomplishments cultural famous city have which in the development already is different from before? Even to be ruined, only becomes the old person's memory fragment? We decided to carry on a time of search to this city, the ancient of Beijing.

>> Guangdong Dong new hall
Present situation: South the food market mouth the avenue spacious big street boards the vehicle come and go; West surviving Guangdong Dong new hall courtyard "north drift" passes in and out.
History instantaneous: On April 17, 1898, in a food market mouth not far south horizontal west street clubhouse spread Kang Youwei to raise the arm shouts loudly: My China 4 million people, do not have expensively do not have inexpensively... ... What one says, the people tear down. This day, the reform organization -- guaranteed Congress to be established.
Background material: The Guangdong Dong new hall, originally is Kanghsi time Bachelor Wang Chongjian, Wangxi fathers' and sons' housing. Hands down when the Ming Dynasty is Yan Song villa. On September 24, 1998, this place was reverberating Sunzhongshan, the Kang Youwei sonorous words courtyard, has become pile of rubbles.
Said by this housing people of the older generation:"South of the food market mouth the avenue position is originally only can walk 1 horse-drawn vehicle prime minister the alley, prime minister west of the alley is the Guangdong Dong new hall. Before the demolition, the Guangdong Dong new hall once was the Nanhengjie elementary school. Now, the Guangdong Dong new hall only left over leans two sets of yards, hires for the the person who comes Beijing from outside areas, according to ordinary one-story house price." Under this sir's direction, reporter had found the surviving courtyard after a row of fitting, the building materials, the grain shop and so on the commercial room.
Not far from this is Tan Sitong former dwelling. Is writing "Xuanwu district cultural relic preservation organ" Sign impressively at present. In the courtyard is sundry goods and so on honeycomb briquet which in front of the narrow corridor, each household gate piles up. Very difficult to imagine, if at that year Tan Sitong lived the yard which private built in such randomly constructs, is in utter confusion, how gave Emperor Guang Xu to submit a written statement to the political reform.

>> Ritual king garden
Present situation: Among the big gate dining room, dresses up the palace maid court eunuch the service person to shuttle back and forth, it is said the business is extremely thriving, must record the seat ahead of time.
History instantaneous: Tongren Temple family of Le celebrates the birthday of old woman in this, research secret recipe of manufacture drugs.
Background material: The Republic of China first year, the descendant of ritual crown prince declines, resells this garden to Beijing the renowned pharmacy Tongren Temple Le family, therefore posterity multi- names it Le family garden. In 1949, Le family donate this garden to the country. 1984 ends of the year Ritual king garden was determination as "Beijing key cultural relic preservation organ"
After the soap opera " Big Gate" hotly broadcasts, nearby the Suzhou street Eight one middle schools appeared a white family big gate dining room.
Arrives the white family big gate dining room, surrounding by Zhongguan Village modernization office building, appeared this former days prince the mansion the fineness, but these big and small garden house and porch pavilion is transformed completely to elegantly reserved room, might see in all directions to woodcarving carved stone which got old, may worry about -- kitchen use the open fire, if accidentally discharged, these cultural relics must be dangerous?
It is said, original ritual Wang Yuan south from the south wall of"White family big gate dining room", north to the present the Zhongguan Village office building which is constructing. Ritual Wang's Yuanli already included the big gate dining room, west Suchuan others, the Suchuan taste has been thick, the Le family garden and so on many sizes restaurants, these measure units also construct in this, expanded the main hall, built the house. Zhongguan Village area have few trees, only this piece of food and drink region, green and luxuriant, old tree are everywhere. Let you awaken suddenly its 300 years history.

>> Double tower birthday celebration temple
Present situation: In 1955 the double tower is demolished, was already neglected in the broad west Chang'an Street.
History instantaneous: Yuan Dynasty renowned calligraphy and painting Master Zhao Meng yao once kept the poem cloud: ¡°the white rainy reflect the green pine, the soughing sprinkles the red Chinese style pavilion. Sense the summer heat recede slightly, micro cool pass the sparse foil". The beginning of Ming dynasty, Yan Wang zhuli's trusted friend and adviser Yao Guangxiao once lived in the birthday celebration temple for 20 years, until died.
Background material: The beginning constructs at the Jin Dynasty first year, the double tower respectively is the place of the Haiyun, Kean two buddhist priests bone ash, one tower is 9 levels, the other is 7 levels. At the time of Ming dynasty Zhengtong to repair, changes name as the greatly prosperous temple, also names the kind graciousness temple. When Qing jiaqing years changes as the Jiangwu hall, also named along likely the institute, in 1674 to be repaired. In 1955 repaired west of Chang'an Street to demolish.
Also the old people¡¯s memory is fuzzy about double tower temple here. South the telegram building, that piece of shade at the roadside was already towering. Their life is precisely the beginning from the double tower temple to end. Present here, the main road faces upwards, traffic is heavy, is busy to make the human dizziness. If the double tower still exsit, how picture you could imagine it were?

>> Brothel
Present situation: Beijing distinguished guest building hotel
History instantaneous: The Qing Dynasty believes in Shamanism, but the Qing Dynasty founds a country Emperor Nurhachu's savior Ming Dynasty great soldier Deng Zilong, also becomes one of protection god which in the brothel the Qing Dynasty imperial family lies prostrate in worship. Background material: The beginning constructed in 1644, originally at the Taiji factory street the west of Beikou road area, after 1900 moved to along of Nan River. The brothel main construction had offers a worship god temple, the celestial body palace and the god temple.
The entrance of Distinguished guest building towers a red ocher wall is the palace wall remaining here of that year. Sits in the red ocher walls cafes which at the second floor of hotel, may get a panoramic view the golden tile red ocher wall, the red ocher wall cafe is precisely therefore acquires fame. Here staff has not known the previous generation of this land for building. A staff said here known history only can trace when started doing business to 1989, again proceeds, it is said was a part of Beijing hotel .

>> Zhengyanng gate
Present situation: the Zhengyang gate tower and the archer's tower originally is " birth from the same root", distantly face one another in the spacious big street two top.
History instantaneous: Emperor Kanghsi the troop which offers to worship heaven enormously and powerful in national capital passed through the highest, grandest city gate of nine gates - Zhengyang gate.
Background material: Zhengyang gate is composed by the tower over a city gate, the archer's tower, the enceinte of city gate three parts, constructs in Yuan Dynasty time. In July, when 1965, the Beijing subway project began, Zhnegyang gate and the archer's tower are nearly to be demolished, latter only then could retain under Premier Zhou's instruction.
It is reported, the part of Zhengyang gate once has been whitewashed by the varnish. After repeated difficulties washing out, The tower over a city gate wall surface which is compelled to "make up", some part still white and black to be diatinct. Has discovered on Zhengyang gate at arm's length wall surface such as: "¡­have traveled here", "¡­I love you" and so on. Ascends the building to look out into the distance, also discovered the building have other things. Besides the photo record the history of Zhengyang gate, but also has the ancient costume calligraphy and painting service and so on to sell pictures.

>> Cow street
Present situation: Besides the mosque has not moved anything, the big street which the original alley all is demolished, displaces which is stands tall and erect the housing buildings cluster and new road.
History instantaneous: The whole family prepares food the fragrance may all gather courtyard children to in front of the stove, struggles to eat "Mother-in-law does steamed bun"
Background material: Niu street is the community of national Hui tribe in capital. The west side is arranging the multitudinous alley by the north to the south, also are many called "the ¡­cow street".
"The hair alley, inputs the alley, the sugar mill alley... ... The cow street area has more than 20 alleys." "These place which accompanied with my half a lifetime forever to vanish like this, but also was not really familiar with."

>> The Gongwang mansion
Present situation: the garden of Gongwang mansion opening to the outside world, the mansion has taken by the China conservatory attached middle school. Both sides path has crowded the tourist car and the manpower bike.
History instantaneous: Originally is private residence of Heshen who is Qianlong's favored minister. After Heshen is punished for an offense, it is become the mansion of Gongqin emperor at the end of Qing Dynasty. Folk always fable here is center Prospect Garden's prototype of "Hong Lou Meng".
Background material: the gongwnag mansion is a biggest scale palace in Qing Dynasty, the total area more than 100 Chinese acres, is equal to the entire Zhongshan Park.
In the garden of Gongwang mansion has five units altogether, including Beijing air blower factory, Ministry of Public Security dormitory and kindergarten and so on. About 1984, the government started to restore the garden of Gongwang mansion, then transferred out one after another the inside unit and the inhabitant at last.

>> Big GaoXuan palace
Present situation: Becomes the station of one army, only could as soon as peep once yellow tile double-eaved roof from the red ocher wall.
History instantaneous: The big GaoXuan palace decorative archway which constructed in capital is the belt once link the Imperial Palace, Jingshan, the big GaoXuan palacel, decadent glazed tile remarkable emperor's clan's style.
Background material: Is located in front of Jingshan street, to face one another with the Forbidden City northwest watchtower. The Ming and Qing Dynasties serve as a tool of Daoist temple. The beginning constructed in the bright Jiajing 20 years (in 1542), consecrated the three idol of Qing dynasty. Big GaoXuan palace is the main construction, therefore the Daoist temple also acquires fame as it. Outside the palace once have 3 decorative archways at the palace gate two sides and the opposite, submits a written statement "Kong Sui huang assists". "Greatly blesses the day people" and so on plaque article, the 50's for expands the path to be demolished.
Let alone this decorative archway tourists do not have the good fortune as soon as to see, the extant main palace we also only can know something from the above narration. The tourists only can stand in the entrance look up to that yellow tile double-eaved roof which symbolic imperial family to revere the dignified.

>> Latter sea
Present situation: Although changed many, but during in it, still could feel the thick Beijing character and style.
History instantaneous: Heshen who rich armor for a while finally poured into the pond of latter sea Gongwang palace (the name of mansion in the time of Yixing period ).
Background material: The latter sea refers is "South percussion instrument lane and Shenshahai area", This is a most complete central courtyard and the alley protectorate which stays behind of Beijing nowadays.
Strolls in the national capital alley, can see big circle to twist " chai" character everywhere, The alley is vanishing by the astonishing speed, only the Houhai sea alley are exceedingly fascinating and charming, is passing the old Beijing's character and style, can let the human feel the all cultural flavor.
Has a big pile of well-known alley and the famous palace along the Houhai sea, idle steping during it, ripples from the peaceful and comfortable feeling in heart from time to time. On silver ingot bridge, old people joke their life; Occasionally has "The alley travelling" the tricycle process, the foreigner on the vehicle is taking the camera to take a ohotograph everywhere; Both sides shop, hangs the birdcage at the entrance, the shop owner is smoking in the room. Hoped already more and more to lose the former days of Beijing in the civilized advancement, left the Houhai sea, left this move.

>> East mountain shrine
Present situation: East the mountain shrine the avenue has been interrupted around the middle by the avenue of Cahonei, the west road temple is rebuilt to the commodity building.
History instantaneous: Zhou Ruchang in "Eye-catching Is red in Red chamber" extrapolated: Grandma Liu the reason that has regarded Prospect Garden as the deity palace, because Grandma Liu often goes to the mountain shrine. Background material: East the mountain shrine constructs at the Yuan Dynasty, consecrates the candle of Dongyue big emperor. The Ming and Qing Dynasties two generations are included the country service of offering sacrifices the standard, when the royal government year the old official to send offer a sacrifice to, become the official temple which constructs. The temple fair begin to construct in March 15, lasted half month, It is prosperous at the March 28 Dongyue big emperor birthday, "all public figure are to worship, side-by-side follows on somebody's heels, the person advanced like crawling reached ten thousand numbers.
East the mountain shrine beginning constructs at the Yuan Dynasty, passes through the extensions by Ming and Qing Dynasties two generation, forms the present pattern of middle of the mill courtyard and the east and west two sub-courtyard in the Qing Dynasty Daoguang Dynasty, but the west road is the place which profession god gathers together, has stove god temple, the horse god temple, the goddess of birth temple, the fire god temple and so on many temples. East the mountain shrine hangs the folk custom museum sign at present, It is refers to the west road in fact.
2003 the west road of mountain shrine temple is break to ruins, the developer construct commodity apartments above it even price each square meter 12,000 Yuan.

>> The artistic garden
Present situation: Around the artistic garden is all dismantled completely, alone waits for own destiny.
History instantaneous: "Spring sound of flowing water gorge bottom the sound of instryment flows swiftly, the peak according to the horizon background" The raises written by the Qianlong imperial brush the couplets in front of a hall to be possible to summarize here beautiful scene.
Background material: The typical Qing Dynasty private garden, originally was the dwelling of Jinghui who is the Qing Dynasty bachelor, latter obtained by Beiyang warlords Premier Tang Shaoyi, also hands over foreign affairs Minister Liang Dui Yan. In dwelling the couplet on big blue stone strip antithetical, is the Qianlong imperial brush, is the relic of Old Summer Palace.
The jute yarn alley 3rd artustic garden front door is closing, The sign "The Beijing Dongcheng district key cultural relic preservation organ -- Dongcheng district people's government in April, 1986 stood" at the entrance is as if quickly to fall, It is being filled by the human with several veneers pieces. The extant partial of artistic garden also only is one partial of original dwelling garden, the original mansion have already demolished. The roof pinnacle all has the beast, now did not have; The gate, the window all hollows out the carving flower, now, all gave changes into the iron gate, the iron window. East of the artistic garden also was the original jute yarn alley already has been dismantled completely early, that stretch of open area turned a open parking garage, on these diameters probably had 1 meter to 2 meters big holes, before all was the very thick jujube tree.

>> Imperial Academy
Present situation: "Cheng Xian street" building, "Discontinues the official to this" stone medal, red wall and green tile, the Confucian temple, the Imperial Academy are perfect.
History instantaneous: Every year preliminary examination period, The bear children comes from each place hopes to change life in this.
Background material: The Confucian temple constructed at Yuan Dade 7 years (in 1303), was Yuan, Ming, Qing three generation of sacrificial offerings Kong Zi's place; The Imperial Academy constructed in 1306, was establishments highest school of three dynasties.
The Imperial Academy avenue is called Cheng Xian street originally, only part between the Imperial Academy two sides of decorative archways, is called the Imperial Academy. This avenue basically maintained the original condition. The impression deepest change is, when this vehicle pass through the front of the gate has raised the the wind-blown dust, the crack chaotic sound stoneway in the past, finally is transformed the present the asphalt road. In front of stoneway, once was the queens road. This road section when transformation, has been raised nearly half meter. Stands erect in the roadside "Discontinues the official to this" among the stele foundation deeply is also buried. In 1949 later Beijing develop rapidly, on the street decorative archway is dismantled completely nearly, only Imperial Academy avenue exception.

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