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  Typical Peking food, Dining in Beijing House Restaurant

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Beijing dishes are good for baking, bursting, burning, stewing, swilling, it sounds straightforward, tastes outright. The history of Beijing's flavor refreshing has more than 600 years; include over 300 kinds, like Hanmin's refreshing, Huimin's refreshing and aulic refreshing, etc.
Each Beijing's restaurants always have the galaxy of chefs; also there are the authentic French, American, Italic, Russian restaurants and Japanese cuisine, Korean barbecue and Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai-style restaurants. If you want to save your time and the price is substantial, you can eat in the small store on the street, where is on lack of Beijing's bun, dumplings, noodles and family dish. Of course, the environment is not as well as big restaurant.

>> Bake meet
Cut the tenderest part of mutton or beef (mutton as similar as "swill mutton", the beef on the brain, ribs, and loin) into flake, and then dip then into the mixture of sauce, alcohol, ginger juice, white sugar, and monosodium glutamate and Sesame oil. It's very fresh and attractive.

>> Wang zhihe bean curd with odor
The high quality of yellow soybeans as the material, crank it out through many working procedure, like bunk bean, milling, pulp filter point brine, prophase fermentation, bloat and anaphase fermentation, etc. Wang zhihe's tofu is "foul" with fragrant, this is because it increases mildew which can produce albumen enzyme, break down the protein, form the badly abundant of aminophenol, smell foul, but taste well, have the feature of stimulating the appetite and promoting the appetite.

>> Beijing Grilled duck
It is a famous dish in Beijing. It's produced by the local product - force-feed duck. Even, it was collectors for a meal in palace in Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasty. Later, it was used in folk and became the famous dish in Beijing, joined in Food forum lonely, be knew in China and foreign countries. The famous duck dish was set up by the grilled duck as the major dish. Quanjude grilled duck store was the best famous in Beijing.

>> Swill mutton
Put the cutlet into the boiling water in short time; eat it after adding some condiments. Left half of the meat, you can add several pieces of cabbages into the pot, be ready for eating it when you want to reduce the piquancy; and when it left few cutlets in the pot, you should add some fans for the soup flavor is great; at last, you can drink a little palatable soup.

>> Quanyu party
Kunming Lake at the Summer Palace supplies the inexhaustible fish resources for the restaurants, the chefs can produce over 50 different flavors of food, full of the cool, heat and soup. Here, most of food comes from nature, for instance, it has the yellow-fin tuna of water lily and its meat in summer, the chrysanthemum yuguo in autumn, and have a pure taste.

>> Crystal doornails
There are two kinds of doornails in Beijing refection; one is doornail bake meat with seafood, is the Huimin's food, and the other is crystal doornails with sugar, which the color is white, the stuffing is translucent, soft and palatable, is the Hanmin's food.

>> The meat of pork head with catsup
The taste is delicious, it was not break when cooked over and the skin is stretch, if you eat it with the flapjack, you will feel it very delicious, not too fat and not too oily, suit for children and elder.

>> Lip of Haihong fish
It is one of famous dishes in Beijing; the main characteristic is the precision selection, careful facture, beautiful color, fresh taste and distinctive flavor. It seasoned with Xiehuang, color like carrot, the thick juice, ruddy color, softness, dynamic, rich crab flavor, is suit suitable for the production in autumn.

>> Tofu brain
It's the traditional refection in Beijing. Tofu brain is white, soft, fragrant and palatable. It is steamed with nothing but water in Beijing, the taste is best, tender but centralized. It's best to choose the Sha pan which has the light body, rapid thermal conductivity, especially to keep the delicate flavor, with no impact from metal containers.

>> Wuxiang hare
Its color is dark red and the surface is slippery, palatable taste, sweet with salt, balminess left. It's beneficial for people to eat it, in particular, the patients who have hypertension, coronary heart disease, liver disease, diabetes and other metabolic disorder.

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