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      Beijing festival celebrations

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>> Pinggu International Peach blossom Fireworks Festival in Beijing
The annual mid - to-late April, it holds the Peach blossom Fireworks Festival once a year on the Baili Peach blossom passage, Peach blossom sea, Pinggu century square, Jinhai lake, each Peach blossom viewing area and Greenhouse key base. The main activity is that watching the peach blossom, picking the peach blossoms which grow in greenhouse, free discharge of fireworks, large fireworks.

>> Beijing Huairou peony Festival
The annual April and May, it holds the Peony Festival once a year in Huairou Guosetianxiang peony garden. You can watch the four groups of National Peony, nine color systems of peonies, near 600 seeds, over 100 plants; with over 6000 plants which have the one hundred or more life, also you can know the history of peony about 1700 years. In addition, there are the performances of inserting flowers and editing the old music during the Peony Festival period.

>> Baiyunguan temple fair
Baiyunguan is located on Baiyun road outside of the Fuxing gate, it holds the fancy busy temple fair on the annual 1st day of the first moon to the 19th day of the first moon in history, be famous for the most prevalent burning incense, the longest opening hours in Jingshi.
In the temple fair, there are many folk activities, such as: touch stone monkey, beat gold eyes on the Wofeng Bridge, etc. under the curved stone in the gate of Baiyunguan temple, have a relieve of stone monkey, which people though touch it can remove the misfortunes, prolong life, it hangs a large copper cash in the hole under the Wofeng bridge, with four words “Bell ring good fortune will come”, if you cast the copper clock success by your coins, the dream will be came true, this two kinds are the most popular.
Besides, there are all kinds of folk refection, traditional handicraft, and ancient folk customs picture show along the big modern amusement, etc.

>> Beijing Changdian cultural temple fair
It holds Cultural Temple Fair on the annual 1st day of the first moon to the 16th day of the first moon in Beijing Duhui. Formerly, the temple was a religious temple, people burnt the burn incense in it, place some food booth, booth and other artistic performance. Recently, the old temple added some new contents follow the changeable times, for instance, make business by the temple, etc. but the folk-custom is still the main feature.
The main content: Wushi, Traditional nation flower, modern dance, Beijing folk hero modeling, and the photo exhibition include pictures of old Beijing, Folk handicraft fair, preferential book market, opera, Wushu and acrobatics, etc. the temple fair combines travel, amusement, shopping and drinking together, it has the distinctive ethnic characteristics.

>> Wuxian mammon temple fair
It holds mammon temple fair on the annual 2nd day of the first moon to the 16th day of the first moon. Located outside of Guangan gate, it enshrines the five ways of mammon, pray in Spring Festival in mammon temple, is a important activity.
The second early morning, people rush to the temple to pray, hope they can win much money. After that, take some red papers with the words “Fu”, “Birthday” back, it means that the “blessing” goes home.

>> Dongyue temple fair
It is the oldest temple, which holds on the annual 30th day of Platonic year to the 16th day of the first moon, has been raised in early Yuan Dynasty; reach a peak in Mingqing Dynasty, it was famous for the many folk-custom activities.
The title of Dongyue temple is praying, the road was designed by the words “Fu” outside of the temple gate, and there is a diverse and joyful "Fu cloth", "Fu card", "Fu brand" and "Fu tree".

>> Daguanyuan Yingchun party
It holds Yingchun party during the annual Spring Festival period. Everyone all knows, the garden was built according to the famous <>. There is the performance which the topic is <> and the guessing game in every year, it also provides for people wearing ancient people’s costumes taking pictures as the souvenir.
But, the most attractive activity was “Yuanfei shengqin”, over one hundred of people wear the gorgeous costumes, played the part of ancient honour guard in order to protect and accompany “Yuanfei” into the garden, and this process herald the reappearance of the event.

>> Xiangshan Red leaf Festival
In annual late October, it plans large tracts of Huanglu trees and Maple trees on the Xiangshan in the west of Beijing as well as around hillside, before hoar frost descends or after, the leaves will turn red and connect together, spread all the ground, like fire, color the whole forest, very sublime. This moment is also the best time to travel Beijing, the beautiful day, overlook on the high mountain, the beautiful view of the Summer Palace, Yuquan Mountain and the reality can not be run out by our eyes, make us refreshing. Yuhua Villa is the leisure place which located in the middle part of Xiangshan, provide for visitor to drink the tea, meanwhile, you can enjoy the red leaf.
In fact, there are another places can enjoy the red leaf in suburb of Beijing, such as Baiwang mountain, Yangtai mountain, Hongluo temple, Miaofeng mountain, Bailong pond, Songshan mountain, Shidu and so on.

>> Lantern Carnivals
It holds Lantern Carnivals in annual 6th day of the first moon to the 17th day of the first moon; you can watch the Lantern Carnivals, gallop light, also you can guess. Actually, after Spring Festival, the working cultural palace holds Lantern Carnivals every year, Yuanmingyuan holds the technological lantern carnivals with Zizhuyuan, there are lighting and mechanical rotation of lanterns except traditional light, some small and exquisite, some large, multicolored, full of beautiful things. The other model of Lantern Carnivals is ice lamp, which will be held in Longqingxia, also in Beihai Park.

>> Arts of Ice lamp Festival in Longqingxia
It holds Arts of Ice lamp Festival in annual January 15 to February 28 in Beijing Duhui, it is China’s largest scale and even become a traditional Ice exhibition tour after Harbin Ice Festival, it becomes the feature in the Baihua Garden of China folk art for the bright topic, the unique geographical environment and the form which the ice light combines with color light, is unique in China ice lamp art group.

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