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      Entertainment and amusement in Peking (Beijing)

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As the Dadu meet can be counted on the fingers few in the world, contain myriad in Beijing city, from the elegant arts of nation to national quintessence, also from fashion to the ancient temple.
Beijing has the highest level of performance, drama groups --- Beijing People's Art Theater. Besides, there is Central Symphony Orchestra, Central corps de ballet, Chinese opera house and other Chinese highest degree of art groups. Changan big theater often holds all high level of performance which located on the street in Jianguo gate.
Beijing opera is our Chinese quintessence, under the pavilion in some Beijing parks, can often enjoy the opera from citizens, of course, you also can go to China Beijing Opera, enjoy a high standard of famous professional performance.
Beijing tea house has long enjoyed a good reputation; it focuses on Pekinese folk culture and Pop Culture, the places combine drink, food, amusement and community intercourse together.
The old-timey crossover Lecha garden completely show the old style of Beijing again, in tea house, there is the local refection except a wide variety of famous tea, not least the opera, music art and Wushu, however the feature is the tea lady is wearing cheongsam, take a bill by the old copper cash.
Fishing is the very comfortable fitness activities, breath the fresh air outdoors, look at the surface quietly under the sky, return to enjoy the pleasures of the farm, realize the clean frame of mind, catching fish, let the effete and blundering body, mind return slowly to be serenity in the bustling city.
Almost, the bars and dancing hall can be found in every city, and the Beijing's Sanlitun bar is very impressive, it gathers up several dozens of bars on a 300 to 400-meter street, and several of which have been opened by celebrity players, with the different pattern, mood, and the visitors can be rest in the bar when tired, if luckily, also you can drink the tea with the celebrity players.
Skiing is a popular outdoor sport in Beijing, the special passion and constantly challenged to the limit make people enjoyable.

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